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UPDATE - August 1, 2020. Our adoption center remains closed.
We will continue with the food bank for registered customers the first and last Saturday of the month.
The new food bank hours will be 10am to 12noon.
Please look for adoption opportunities on our Facebook page.

Community Pet Day 2014!

Community Pet Day 2014 Sunday, October 5 2014, 10am - 2pm
Ballenger Creek Park

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Photo from Community Pet Day 2014 Frederick MD

We held our 2nd Community Pet Day the first weekend of October at which we provided low cost vaccines for dogs and cats, vouchers for low cost canine spay and neutering, and a collar exchange. We had a lot of great folks from around the community to help us and the turn-out was great for both dogs and cats!

The goals of Community Pet Day are to decrease euthanasia rates by reducing animal shelters' intake numbers and encouraging responsible pet ownership and supporting the human-pet bond.

Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes will be vaccinated and micro-chipped for FREE, and FREE spay/neuter vouchers for owners of Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes.

For more information, download our PDF flyer, email us at, or call us at 301.663.5855.