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UPDATE - August 1, 2020. Our adoption center remains closed.
We will continue with the food bank for registered customers the first and last Saturday of the month.
The new food bank hours will be 10am to 12noon.
Please look for adoption opportunities on our Facebook page.

Volunteer Your Time

"I want to help, but I can't foster a cat or dog."

We Need You

Volunteer with the AWLFCAs an AWLFC volunteer, you have the opportunity to help educate pet owners about responsible pet care, including the importance of neutering and spaying to end overpopulation. You have the ability to provide love and care for needy cats and dogs through our foster care program.

You have the ability to help Frederick's neediest residents get access to proper veterinary care for their pets. As a volunteer, you are presented with these and many other opportunities to give of your time, energy, and talents to support the AWL's mission. Get started by downloading our Volunteer Application.

Satellite Adoption Support

AWLFC's mission is to end homelessness of pets in Frederick County. Promoting adoption of cats and dogs is a key ingredient to achieving this goal. AWLFC and PetSmart are partners in satellite adoptions, which occur on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 11:00am - 3:00pm at the Urbana Pike PetSmart in Frederick. Foster care providers bring their cats and kittens for display and other AWLFC volunteers are available to assist the public in choosing and adopting a suitable feline.

We need volunteers to set up the display on Friday nights, staff the adoption tables from 11:00am - 3:00pm on Saturdays, and tear-down the display at 3:00pm on Saturdays. Training in all activities is provided.

Fixing Frederick Felines (TNR) Support

Fixing Frederick's Felines (FFF) is a program designed to reduce feline overpopulation by trapping, neutering/spaying, and either returning feral cats and kitten to existing feline colonies or adopting them to loving homes. Volunteers are needs to trap feral cats and kittens, transport them to AWLFC-approved veterinarians, and either transfer them to foster care (if appropriate) or return them to the colony.

Volunteers are also needed to feed feral cat colonies on a regular basis. Volunteers will receive training in humane trapping techniques, identify locations of feral cat colonies, and other support to ensure the both human and feline safety and maximize the effectiveness of this program.

Special Events Support

AWLFC has several special events each year including but not limited to our monthly spay/neuter clinics, Bark in the Park, our holiday stocking sales, gift-wrapping at Barnes & Noble at the holidays, holiday pet photos, and other annual events.

We need people to organize each event as well as staff to work each event (selling stockings, wrapping gifts, etc.) AWLFC also tries to hold one major special event each quarter. All of these initiatives require someone who can plan and organize them as well as volunteers to staff the events.

Public Relations and Fund-Raising Support

Volunteer with the Animal Welfare League AWLFC strives to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues within our community. Ongoing activities include community outreach, advertising of special events, etc.

Volunteers are needed to assist with writing articles, distribution of materials, and other related activities. Volunteers are also needed to assist with research about grants and grant-writing.

Office Support

In October 2009, the AWLFC opened a new office and small adoption center at 1202 East Patrick Street, Suite 13A, in the Eastgate Shopping Center. We are trying to staff the office at least 4-5 hours each day in addition to providing care in the morning and evening for our resident foster cats.

Office support consists of opening and distributing the mail; picking up and handling phone calls; light office cleaning; collating mailings, adoption packets, etc.; and other types of support. Care for our resident cats includes scooping litter pans; feeding; grooming (as needed); and playing with the cats and kittens.

For more information on volunteering, please contact us at 301-663-5855 or via email at You may also complete our Volunteer Information Sheet.