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All proceeds benefit animals of Frederick County, Maryland.
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UPDATE - August 1, 2020. Our adoption center remains closed.
We will continue with the food bank for registered customers the first and last Saturday of the month.
The new food bank hours will be 10am to 12noon.
Please look for adoption opportunities on our Facebook page.

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Our Wish List Includes:

Cat food

Our foster cats eat all-natural holistic foods including Wellness wet and Taste of the Wild dry. You can purchase these brands at Central Dawgma and Pet Valu as well as stores like Common Market, MOMs, etc.

We also feed feral cat colonies and provide food from our food bank for people who need assistance for feral colonies. We appreciate any type of wet and dry foods.


Swheat Scoop, Nature's Miracle or another type of clumping litter.

Office Supplies

Copier paper, non-toxic/environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.

Gently Used Towels

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